Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Raspberry Pi Setup As MPD Sever

Setup MPD on Raspberry Pi:
Credit to the tutorial below:

I've some updates on top of it...
1. Download arch linux image from ArchLinux Raspberry Pi page:

2. Load the image to a SD card with 2G or more. Win32 Disk Imager is recommended:

3. After loading the image, put the card into Pi and power up, wait for 1 minute, then use IP scanner to find the IP address of Pi, just pick one below or google for others.

4. Putty to that IP at port 22

5. login ID is "root", password is "root"

6. Make private key for auto authenticate (optional)
You may follow the tutorial below for detail setup procedure:

7. Change timezone
Run the tzselect script to figure out which timezone you should be in, then note the output – in my case its America/Toronto.
Add the following text to a new file called /etc/profile.d/ – this will cause the timezone to be set whenever a user logs in.

export TZ

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