Monday, 21 October 2013

Another ground box - My 2nd DIY ground box + power bar

With the power bar running for a month, I decided to further improve it so that it also act as an "earth box". An earth box is just a box with some "stones" inside that absorb free electrons produced by the electronic appliances. We all know that the "ground" of the AC main is just a relative ground with relative zero impedance. It has best effort to provide a zero voltage level with zero impedance to the electronic appliance so that in case of electricity leakage, the electricity will be drawn into earth (a large reservoir of free electrons) instead of going via human body. In realty, it will never be "zero" by all means. The earth box helps a little bit in absorbing (from my understanding) some free electrons so that the earth is "closer" to the ideal case.

The earth box, as you can see below, is just a box with some good conductors and some black stones. There're lot of DIYers doing similar earth box and they use different kinds of stones with different proportion. I don't have any experience in such detail, what I've done so far is just a random event.

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