Monday, 21 October 2013

A new life for my cubieboard2

With the release of voyage on cubie board 2 (a.k.a Allwinner A20), my A20 gets a new life.

Thanks to Mr. Punky Tse, the Voyage MPD is now being ported into A20 with support of audiophile quality music playback including DSD support. Mr. Pinky emphasised in the release note that "MPD binds to a single core while leaving another core for interrupts, etc.", that's a good idea!

By following the setup guide provided by Punky, I have loaded the Mubox into A20 successfully within 30 minutes. The sound quality is similar to cubox.

After running it for two days non-stop. I decided to give the A20 a solid case so that it can be placed in my Hifi rack safely.

The case is an aluminum alloy metal case with 2mm thickness at the front, rear, top and bottom, 4mm thickness at the sides

First of all, mark the positions for holes...

After working on the metalsmithing for two hours, the case is shaped to fit with A20 perfectly.

The three wires are used for serial link connectivity. Green is TX, white is RX, black is Ground.

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