Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Fiber Optic HDMI

Recently I bought two fiber optic HDMI cables from eBay. The two HDMI cables are to be used for connecting Magic TV and blu-ray player to projector.

1. Celerity
The Celerity fiber optic HDMI cable is detachable in the HDMI connector, which makes it easy to prewire inside pipes (25mm diameter). User has to provide 5V 100mA power on BOTH terminals.

2. Rainbow Fish
The rainbow fish HDMI connector is not detachable, which makes it not so user friendly to prewire inside pipes. However, user only need to provide 5V on receiving side (the projector in my case).

(the yellow rings are used to protect the fiber optic cable user when pull the cable thru the pipes)

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